install volleyball court lighting

The lighting layout of the volleyball court mainly uses the direct illumination lamp arrangement, the direct illumination lamps and lanterns arrangement way can give full play to the sports illumination system the performance, the efficiency is high, the energy saving effect is good, is the current worldwide mainstream system. 

(1) Top arrangement, that is, the led volleyball court lighting is arranged above the site, the beam is perpendicular to the layout of the site plane. Suitable for the use of symmetrical light lamps, applicable to the main utilization of low space, on the ground level illuminance uniformity requirements higher, and no television broadcast requirements of the stadium.

(2)The two sides of the cloth lamp should be selected with asymmetrical light fixtures, arranged on the Ma Dao, suitable for vertical illumination requirements and television broadcast requirements of the stadium. When the lamp is on both sides, the aim angle of the luminaire should not be greater than 65 degrees. This is widely used in stadiums that have a TV broadcast requirement. 

(3) The mix arrangement should choose a variety of volleyball court lighting fixtures, suitable for large-scale comprehensive gymnasium. The layout of the lamp is arranged at the top and the sides are arranged. 

(4) relative to the direct lighting system, indirect lighting layout light soft, glare control good, but energy consumption, its lamps and lanterns up, through the ceiling reflected light for the site lighting. Indirect lighting layout should be equipped with medium, wide-light Cong lamps, suitable for the high layer, large span and roof reflective conditions of the building space, not suitable for the installation of hanging lamps and the construction of the Ma DAO and the glare of the strict restrictions, there is a television broadcast requirements of the stadium.

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