basketball court lighting outdoor

Outdoor basketball courts are very popular places for people to play sports. There are outdoor basketball courts in sports centers, cultural squares, sports centers, residential communities, primary and secondary schools in various cities. Its purpose, nonsense, of course, is to play basketball. The most common half is three to three.

Okay, back to lighting.

In such a place, lighting requirements of basketball court lighting outdoor are generally entertainment (leaders ask why not do high standards, don’t take taxpayers’ money for improper money, although you often do).

In a single outdoor basketball court, the size of the field is 28m * 14m. 3 lampposts are placed on both sides of the field 3m from the sideline. The posts are 8m high and 17m apart.

Lighting proposal

  1. Light source: 400W basketball court lighting, color temperature: 4000K, luminous flux: 34000lm (there will be some difference in luminous flux depending on the manufacturer’s model, please adjust it according to the actual situation).

2. Lamps and lanterns: throw light lamp, also call floodlight, name is different because of manufacturer, efficiency also is, deserve light actually also (foolish book series regards it as right, do not consider). The lamp efficiency in this scheme is 68%. Please refer to this guide according to the selected lamp.

3. Height of lamp pole: 8m, commonly used height: 8-12m.

4. Lighting projection Angle: adjust it in real time according to the calculation results to ensure the uniformity and low glare.

5. Control: all basketball court lights are switched on and off together.

At this point, it seems that some people have questioned, so the lighting can achieve entertainment level of 300 lx?

So let’s look at the effect and the illumination. Above is a simple outdoor basketball court lighting, just to achieve 300LX, not waste the lamp pole nor waste the lamps.

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