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When it comes to commercial and warehouse lighting, choosing the correct light fittings for the right location is key.



Ensuring that the lighting is sufficient for workers is paramount to their health and safety. Below, we’ve put together a helpful guide explaining which light fitting is best suited for the areas where the installation is taking place. Designed so that you can use this to advise your customers, print this page as a guide to warehouse lighting.


Energy bills for offices and warehouses have steadily climbed over the past few years and lighting is a significant part of these costs. Changing your lighting from the older fluorescent & HID fittings to LED is a large financial outlay, however, if you make that decision you will see an almost instant reduction in your bill, sometimes approaching 45% depending on the fitting chosen.


LED light fittings turn on instantly, rather than the older lamp types that would take minutes to warm up to full brightness. This means they can be used with microwave sensors without affecting the lifespan of the lamps. LEDs are more than suited for modern working places as the light output from today’s fittings now exceeds that from fluorescent & HID fittings. You can now specify high-quality fittings that offer much faster payback times, and almost no maintenance costs.

warehouse lighting

​5 Tips For Choosing The Best Warehouse Lighting

When running a warehouse, you need to ensure two things when it comes to warehouse lighting: safety and productivity.

These should be your main goal when choosing lights for your warehouse.

The top accidents in warehouses according to the U.S. Department of Labor are slips and falls. And these result in 95 million lost work days each year.

Sufficient lighting is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of accidents. And we’ve got the tips you need to keep your workers safe through proper lighting.

1. Limit Glare In Warehouse Lighting

LED lighting is one of the most popular forms of lighting. But it comes with one major downside. The spotlight effect.

Industrial LED lights are like laser beams. They shine in a very particular direction.

If a worker accidentally looks directly into a LED light bright enough to illuminate a warehouse, they will be temporarily blinded. This could cause them to trip or, if they’re running a forklift, crash into something or someone.

You should work to minimize the glare on your lights, especially LEDs through reflectors. You can also choose lights designed to reduce glare and increase safety in the workplace.

2. Make Sure The Lighting Fits The Warehouse

Most warehouses include high ceilings. Warehouse lighting will reach the floor, but is it enough light?

Make sure that the light fitting does its job of illuminating the floor effectively. If you buy specific bulbs for cost savings, your savings will be spent on accidents and dropped productivity if the bulb doesn’t do its job.

3. Color Is Important

You may not realize that color is important in warehouse lighting. But light color affects things like contrast and clarity. And when workers have to read labels or identify objects, they need the most natural light to do so.

While color might not be as important here as in say food prep, it’s till important for safety. And the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of lighting is the important metric to pay attention to.

CRI is the measure of a light’s ability to show natural and realistic colors.

The higher the index number the more realistic the lighting.

The minimum CRI you should look for is 85. Anything below this will make it more dangerous in your warehouse and cause fatigue.

4. Compare Energy Saving Options

The price of some energy savings options might be more expensive but they could save you money in the end.

You could even add control options to your lighting to make sure lights get turned off and minimize wasting light while natural light might do the job.

5. Examine Your Supplier

You want to make sure your supplier is selling you a great product. Some sellers will try and pass off subpar products on you. Some might take advantage of the confusion surrounding new technologies like LEDs.

Instead of going with those suppliers for warehouse lighting, choose a supplier who will have your interests in mind.

If you’re interested in the best lighting for your warehouse, contact us and we’ll set you up.

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