light up a baseball field

Remember the first-night baseball game in history? At that time, high-power stadium lights have already appeared, but they have not been popularized yet. The future development area is to make every stadium use the led lights produced by Razorlux.

First night in The history of a baseball game is on September 2, 1880, The game was held in Boston in The United States, is from The North Electric power Company (The Northern Electric Company) provided by three 100 – foot high lighting equipment.

Many courses already have baseball field lighting in response to the growing number of professional sports at night. According to JIS standards in Japan, the infield of a professional course should have 1500 to 3000 lux of illumination, while the outfield should have an average of 750 to 1500 lux of illumination.

New lighting standards for baseball and softball fields

American baseball, softball relatively developed, the professional level is high, its baseball stadium lighting standards may be the international leader. In 2009, the newly revised “sports and entertainment venue lighting” [5] standard IESNA rp-6-01 R2009 stipulates that no matter standard TV or hd TV broadcasting, the color rendering index Ra is generally greater than or equal to 65, and the related color temperature Tc=3000K~6000K.

Lighting of baseball and softball fields

The lighting arrangement of baseball and softball field has the following requirements:

Six or eight rods should be used for the lamps and lanterns of baseball field, and no less than four rods should be used for the lamps and lanterns of softball field. When cantilever can satisfy the requirement, appropriate USES cantilever to install lamps and lanterns.

Parliamentary lamp posts should be placed outside the shaded area in figure 2.

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