baseball stadium light

Lighting Design

(1) Calculation of illumination and uniformity of internal and external fields

The lighting of the baseball stadium light is different from the lighting requirements of other courts. The area of the baseball stadium is approximately 1.6 times that of the soccer field. The shape of the stadium is fan-shaped, and the difference in illumination values between the infield and outfield is very different.

In general, the average illuminance of the infield is about 50% higher than the average illuminance of the field. Therefore, the uniformity of the illuminance of the external field is a difficult point. 

It is necessary to take into account the difference in the illuminance value between the infield and the outfield, but also to take into account the Illuminance at the junction of field and field.

It is expected that the illuminance values of the infield and the outfield will be designed to have significant differences, and it is more desirable to design the dividing line between the infield and the outfield as a watershed of the illuminance value, thereby reducing the illuminance value of the outfield area adjacent to the infield, and reducing the The difference in illuminance between the area and the arc edge of the field is used to improve the illumination uniformity of the field. 

At the time of design, the projection point and beam angle of each lamp must be selected and calculated one by one. If necessary, the height of the lamp post must be adjusted to ensure that the various lighting indicators of the ballpark conform to the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) standards. And related standards for domestic venues.

Baseball stadium lighting design must not only satisfy the average vertical illuminance and the average horizontal illuminance, but also the uniformity of the vertical illuminance and the evenness of the horizontal illuminance, and the proportional coefficient of the average vertical illuminance and the average horizontal illuminance.

In addition, it is necessary to limit the value of the glare index, select a higher color rendering index and the corresponding color temperature of the light source, so as to achieve the basic functional requirements of the light baseball stadium, to ensure that the baseball players at night training and playing normal skills, while ensuring the color TV When relaying, it clearly reflects the athlete’s instantaneous movement and movement posture, and can capture the trajectory of the baseball in high-speed sports.

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