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Outdoor basketball court lighting design, basketball court lighting

Standard basketball court is also divided into indoor basketball court and outdoor basketball court, indoor and outdoor basketball court lighting layout and lighting requirements are not the same, the following describes the outdoor basketball court lighting:

The basketball court is a rectangular, solid surface without obstacles. For the main FIBA official competition, the court measures from the inner edge of the line.

For all other competitions, the appropriate department of FIBA has the right to approve existing courses that meet the following size ranges: 4 meters in length and 2 meters in width, provided the changes are proportional to each other. Ceiling or low barrier property height of at least 7 meters. (According to my experience, the outdoor basketball court loaded 6 meters high on the can) Stadium lighting to be uniform, luminosity should be adequate.

The placement of lighting equipment must not interfere with the team’s vision. The size of all newly constructed courses should be consistent with the requirements set forth in the FIBA’s main official competition: 28 meters in length and 15 meters in width.

The general outdoor basketball court, badminton court Ye Hao, convention is the need for basketball court light pole, the following also describes the required light pole specifications, and now that the covered stadium, so generally do not need poles, and direct Can be hung on the ceiling.

The traditional stadium are generally used metal halide lamp, and now some small and medium-sized basketball courts are also considered with LED lights, the specific circumstances need to be different according to the requirements of their basketball court to choose from, the following is the commonly used lamp specifications:

A double lamp: a height of 6 meters; two 400W Razorlux led flood lights; pole caliber: 114mm

A three lights: a height of 6 meters; three 400W Razorlux led flood lights; pole diameter: 140mm

A four-lamp: height of 6 meters; four 400W Razorlux led flood lights; pole diameter: 140mm; (two-way lighting)

A six light: 6 meters high; six 400W Razorlux led flood lights; pole diameter: 165mm; (two-way lighting)

According to the actual requirements, the height of the basketball court light pole can also be used 8 meters, 10 meters, the specific needs of the overall design according to brightness!

Basketball court lighting, the installation is the need to do a good job in advance embedded parts installation, the pole above the bracket also need to be customized according to the lamp fixture!

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