We provide free lighting design for handball court, to different standards for entertainment, high school, college, professional and international competitions.
Our engineers are proficient in using DIALux to design best lighting solutions and create photometric analysis reports. In addition to showing you how we should place outdoor lighting, we also provide you with common misconceptions, so you can avoid them. As we know, good planning is a prerequisite for winning the lighting tender.

Lighting requirements for the handball court

Handball combines the characteristics of basketball and indoor football, with high speed, fierce competition, strong mobility and impact. Not only athletes are required to have good physical strength, technical skills and teamwork, high lighting levels are also required.
The request provides guidelines for the lighting of the stadium. Let’s explore how to choose the best floodlights.

1.Lux level (brightness) required for handball court

outdoor handball court lights
handball ground light

There is a big difference in luxury standards between TV and non-television relay races. The highest standards for the v-class (i.e. high-definition HDTV broadcast) handball courts are 2500 lux (vertical – handball player’s face). If the stadium is for community use, we need 300 lux level. A high school or college handball club can have 500 lux.

2.Consistency standard

Another important parameter is lighting uniformity. It is a ratio of 0 to 1 (maximum), reflecting the lumen distribution in the motion field. It is the ratio of the minimum illumination to the average illumination (U1), or the ratio of the minimum illumination to the maximum illumination (U2). Therefore, if the lux level is very similar, about 650 to 700 lux, the difference between the minimum and maximum is very small, and the uniformity will be close to 1. The lighting evenness of HDTV broadcasting standard is 0.7, which is relatively challenging in the sports lighting industry.

3.The color temperature

The general color temperature of the handball courts at all levels is required to be 4000K. Despite such suggestions, we usually use cold white light of 5000K to 6000K to provide better lighting for players and viewers as these colors are more exciting.

Handball court lighting design

handball field lighting

Lighting design is sometimes called photometric analysis. According to the lighting design guide of the handball courts, the size, height, position, number of lamp poles, illumination level and evenness of the handball courts should be considered. The engineer will then follow these steps to plan the fixture.

Step 1: create a handball court

DIALux is a powerful but free lighting designer software because it can create almost any type of indoor and outdoor playground. There are different template fields, such as football field, tennis court, badminton court, and handball court. After that, the designer will draw lamp poles with a specific size. The aim is to simulate the placement of real scenes and light. It helps provide more accurate results.

Step 2: plan LED floodlights

The lighting engineer then “fixates” the lamp on the high pole in the software. Different combinations of power, lumen output, and beam angle produce distinct results. Our job is to find out the best design for the football field lights. Since each request is different, we will design a unique case-by-case solution.

Step 3: generate photometric analysis report

Finally, we provide reports to customers. It consists of several parts. The value chart contains the lux value for the entire field, giving you a full picture of the stadium’s brightness. Contour lines combine the same illumination to the same line, and false color rendering allows you to better see the brightness of the site.

Common mistakes to be avoided when designing sport lights

indoor handball field lights

To improve the quality of your submissions, we can avoid the following common motion lighting design mistakes.

1.Avoid light pollution in the design

The stadium uses LED lights of up to 60,000 to 100,000 Lumen. Poor control of minor leaks can affect the quality of life of nearby residents. Strong glare can blur the vision of road users and endanger the lives of pedestrians.
In order to solve this problem, our LED field lights have anti-glare and accurate optical system, which can guide the light to the designated area to reduce light loss. In addition, we can use lights with a smaller beam angle, so the light becomes more concentrated.

2.Life span of lamps

Some electrical contractors may overlook the lamp’s service life. In fact, lighting that lasts more than 20 years is a good incentive for sports owners. Frequent replacement also means high maintenance costs. Our LED lights have a lifespan of more than 80,000 hours, or more than 27 years if they are switched on for eight hours a day.

3.Flicker problem of lighting design

The problem is particularly acute at the handball courts where international television competitions are held. In lighting design, we should ensure that the lighting of the handball courts does not flicker under the slow-motion camera. Otherwise, it will significantly affect the audience experience. Flash lights can affect your judgment during play and can make your stadium look unprofessional.
Our stadium lights are designed for high-speed video cameras. No stroboscopic, meet international broadcasting standards.
By taking all of these factors into account, your chances of success will greatly improve. You can get professional and best lighting advice by contacting us.

football field lighting
football field lighting


Handball is not just a game, but the whole sport attracts the body and mind in a spectacular way. The game has its own strategy and builds a new suspense every minute. Night games are a very challenging task because we need to make sure we have enough lighting for the huge site. In order to achieve this goal, we can carry out a comprehensive photometric design before purchasing lighting lamps.

Razorlux can not only provide free professional photometric design, super long life span, scientific optical design, accurate light distribution, reduce light pollution, improve the utilization rate of light, flicker free. Different lighting requirements can be met for different standards of handball courts.
If you are interested, have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] for free lighting advice and design anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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