table tennis lighting

According to the rules of table tennis, and the Olympic game in the world, from the playing surface height, measured illumination is not less than 1000 lux, and the playing surface uniform illumination, conference in other parts of the illuminance is not less than 500 lux. In other competitions, the table tennis lighting of the competition mesa shall not be less than 600lux, and the lighting of the whole competition shall be even, and the lighting of other places in the competition area shall not be less than 400lux. 

When using more than one table of the level of lighting is consistent, the background of the competition hall minimum illumination lighting shall not be higher than the playing area, light source shall not be less than 5 meters off the ground, and the glare of lamps and lanterns can’t have. However, the lighting requirements of general training and entertainment venues are relatively low, the lighting on the mesa is no less than 300lux, and the installation height is no less than 3 meters, which does not cause glare for athletes.

The arrangement of table tennis hall lighting :

One, full sky star cloth lamp way

The lamp is installed on the ceiling, the installation height is 9 meters, and the installation space is about 3 meters. Two lamps are installed above each table tennis table. Suitable for small and medium table tennis.

2. The way of the horsetail lamp

The lamp is installed on the bracket around the court; It is suitable for large and medium table tennis.

The 270W LED indoor stadium lamp produced by our company has high brightness, uniform irradiation, pure color, no glare, and can replace 400W traditional lamps.

For example, 40 270W LED indoor stadium lights were installed in a certain stadium to replace the original 60 400W traditional metal halide lamps. The lights were on for 6 hours every day, 365 days a year, and the electricity fee was 1 yuan/degree.

In fact, as long as the right green, efficient, environment-friendly and energy-saving LED sports stadium lamps are selected, the initial investment can be recovered within two to three years by simply saving the electricity fee. If investors to put the above mentioned about the current arena construction can solve all these problems existing in the good, without cost is very high price under the condition of a higher level of the realization of the table tennis hall is not difficult, the benefits of also will be very obvious.

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