stadium lights

The stadium lights are left on about four times per week for football games and basketball games, according to the sports schedules on Mr. Liu said one row of stadium lights are left on during nights when there is s basketball game because it provides safety in the parking lots.

The lights that shine on intramural fields and in the football stadium are complicated to turn on and off, but all are turned off when facilities aren’t in use to conserve energy, Mr. Liu said.

The stadium light system is about 50 years old, so instead of a simple light switch, giant switches that are moved back and forth are responsible for the stadium’s electricity, he said.

Mr. Liu said those switches are kept “under lock and key.”

“There’s not someone who has the specific job of turning the lights on or off,” Bailey said. “There are about three or four of us who do it.”

Even more complicated than the stadium light system is the intramural field light system, which is controlled from a company based in Iowa, said Mr. Liu, associate director of intramural sports and sports clubs. On/off times are sent to the Physical Plant for programming via e-mail- – sometimes weeks in advance, she said.

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