Light Up a Super Football Field

How to light up a super football field with football field lighting?

Razorlux is lighting up Super Bowl arenas and taking over as the premier sports lighting system and changing the game. LED-powered sports lighting gives fans and players the optimal viewing experience. Thanks to LED sports lighting, we’re all winning while watching or playing football.LED lighting provides the optimal lighting solutions for football fields and stadiums. 

LED lights offer a consistent level of lighting ensuring enjoyment and safety for both players and spectators. LED closely mimics daylight color temperature making the football, lines, and players clearly visible.

We recommend two pole quantities for football field lighting: four and six. A four pole arrangement includes two poles located on each side, far away from the sidelines. A six-pole arrangement includes three poles located on each side, closer to the sidelines.

Razorlux provides the optimal lighting for every sport from baseball and golf to soccer and football. LED lights are quickly taking over professional sports venues, including the NFL’s Super big stadiums. LED stadium lighting provides the optimal lighting for athletes and audience.

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