table tennis led lighting

Table tennis is a sport that requires the fastest reaction speed and the most concentration on resistance, so the lighting standards are also the highest. General design requirements in the arena, must first consider the intensity of illumination and mesa motor area illumination is not more than 50%, i.e., the average intensity of illumination is not less than 500 lx, mesa motor area intensity of illumination should be greater than 250 lx is good.

When installing lamps and lanterns, should avoid dazzle illuminate as far as possible, on installation height, lamp position is decorated go up, on background metope, should notice dazzle quantity control effectively.

Also table tennis at home and abroad dedicated lamp, because according to the requirements of the rules of the game on site, table tennis match with lighting lamps and lanterns is an altitude of no less than 4 meters (not to the snooker billiards lights from very close), so lot lighting lamps and lanterns can meet the requirements, so it is necessary to do a special table tennis special lights.

Such as: table tennis room is bigger, taller, table is more, can use mingtai lighting lamps and lanterns of MT – GT3-250 – w adjustable beam depth according to the lamps and lanterns, such as high 15 meters installed table tennis special lamps and lanterns, adjust the light beam, table surface under the condition of illumination which can realize a one light reaches more than 300 lx.

The characteristics of table tennis professional lamps and lanterns, the specialized function of color agent, low power, low quantity of heat, high brightness, high photosynthetic efficiency, no noise, no stroboscopic, wider range of lighting, less glare, energy conservation and environmental protection, long service life, etc.

Now table tennis lighting lamps and lanterns must choose energy-saving good lamps and lanterns, so the direct running cost also reduces many. Use high photosynthetic efficiency lighting not only quality greatly improved, and can save 50% electricity directly above, save electricity saving equipment investment by more than 50%, the light bulb longer service life and higher luminous efficiency, less maintenance, economic operation cost is lower, the investment return period is shorter to maximize economic benefits.

Table tennis lighting professional lighting manufacturers preferred Razorlux lighting, good lighting efficiency, high illumination!

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