volleyball court lighting

Pre-designed lighting systems provide maximum light efficiency for outdoor volleyball courts. The professional layout of these kits offers safe volleyball lighting for backyards or community parks.

Volleyball is an extremely popular sport and providing a commercial lighting system is essential to this highly competitive sport. While playing volleyball during the day is fun, night games bring a new aspect to the game play. Managers and owners of sporting venues of volleyball courts know that having the playing court field well-lighted increases the amount of use it gets; thus growing its usability. Volleyball court lighting helps you get the greatest amount of use from your court, and everything that you need to install your volleyball court lighting can be found online at Razorlux.


Before you install your commercial athletic sports lighting system from Razorlux for the volleyball court, you will need to be aware of several considerations. First, review your electrical capabilities. Unless you are a construction professional, it is best to contract a licensed electrician to install, mount and set up your volleyball court commercial lighting equipment. Secondly, what size volleyball court are you lighting and does it require higher light levels for television coverage?

Standard volleyball courts are 60 feet by 30 feet, and there is typically ten feet of out of bounds space around all the sides. This means that you will need to acquire enough athletic sports lighting equipment for a 50' by 80' space. The safety of both the spectators and the players depends upon having the proper commercial lighting for the volleyball court.

Volleyball Court Light packages for professional courts, college courts or recreational courts. Footcandle recommendations for beach volleyball courts have been established at 30 or above. We can provide lights by themselves or with posts.

volleyball court led lighting

LED volleyball court lighting systems are now available to help you save money with greatly reduced energy costs, reduced maintenance needs, and greatly improved lighting for players. Many LED fixtures available for sports lighting now are able to reduce the energy use by 50-60% as compared to traditional HID systems. Improvements in LED technology has increased the rated life from 50,000 hours to an astounding 100,000 hours; almost 10 times the life of pulse start metal halide lights. This extension in lamp life allows for your sports court lights to fit regulations longer.


Beyond reduced energy use and increased life, LED lighting is carefully shaped, focused and tuned using custom optic designs to direct all the light to the ground, right where you want it, without glare to observers outside the court area and without spillage upwards to contribute to light pollution and “dark sky” impingement. This ability to direct light in specific directions helps prevent non-compliance due to a slight movement in a mounting arm. In addition, custom lightoptics prevent shadows on the courts as well as fixtures or lights obstructing players views.


Lower energy and maintenance costs, better lighting for court and player needs and a reduction in “light law” violations… what’s not to like?

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