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Hockey rink lighting has to illuminate all the fast action that a hockey delivers. After all, the puck is simply 4” and might travel one hundred mph. whether or not attending a game in associate arena or observation from home, the most effective viewing expertise is one wherever the hockey building is very well-lit.

LED lights give energy economical lighting that may decrease your energy consumption and prices, whereas increasing the sunshine quality and providing even surface illumination for a whiter, brighter hockey arena.


Replace Fluorescent Ice Arena Lighting with LED Lighting

High-quality illumination is essential for playing hockey as the players are expected to act quickly while trying to hit, or stop, a very small puck. A uniform light distribution, along with a color temperature that matches that of daylight, guarantees that SpecGrade LED floodlights are the best option available for your ice arena.

Ice Arena LED Lighting

Ice arenas can be used for hockey games, recreational ice skating, competitive skating training sessions, and ice shows. LED floodlights enable you to pre-set certain lighting levels or lighting patterns based on the lighting needs of the ice rink skaters. And LED color options enable you to add artistic elements to your venue for ice shows, competitions or to make public skating sessions fun and funky.

For hockey games that are shown on television, LED lighting offers a high-quality light at the ice’s surface and light uniformity across the entire rink. This greatly enhances the HDTV sports broadcasting experience as camera operators can follow all of the game action with minimal camera adjustments.

Energy Efficient LED Hockey Rink Lights

By installing low-heat, lumen efficient LED lamps in your hockey rink you will save money on lighting power and expensive compressor time. Not only will LED lights outperform your old light bulbs with more foot-candles, but the proper placement and location of the LEDs will enhance your hockey arena beyond comparison.

ice hockey lighting

How to light up an ice rink for hockey and skating?

The ice oval is like the athletic field, the inside area is for figure or hockey Olympic matches while the racing tracks lights are needed for speed skating. The size of the Olympic ice rink is 60 * 30 meters = 1800 square meters. For the professional NHL tournament, the lux will be 800 to 1500 lux. If the lux level requirement for ice hockey or skating oval rink is 1000 lux, the lumens required = 1800 * 1000 = 1,800,000! Therefore, we need at least 15000 watt LED flood lights to light up the ice rink, which is a large wattage in commercial and industrial lighting industry. Before replacing to LED, the wattage for MH flood light is 40000 watt! Since we need to have complicated beam angle and individual power, and installation height arrangement, it is strong recommended to contact our engineer for much info.

Advantages of LED applying in Winter Olympic and NHL ice arena lights

LED flood lights have 80,000 hours life span, which is more long-lasting when comparing to halogen or MH, as they have only 10,000 to 20,000 hours operation life cycle. Besides, as we can obverse 15000W LED replaces 40000W metal halide, and hence we can save 62.5% energy consumption.

Since the ice surface is pretty reflective, we add the 2018 version anti-glare lens that reduce the dazzling effects on skaters and audience by 30%. The solid-state electronic components allow low-temperature LED lights inside the ice hockey arena.

hockey lighting

Indoor LED Ice Rink Lighting

Indoor hockey rinks contain high bays and flood lights to light up the ice surface and arena. Light levels have to be high enough so the players can see the hockey puck on the ice. Places like Canada have ice rinks open all year long, and some are open for 18 hours a day, where hockey is played from 6am to midnight. This can require a lot of energy consumption to power lights for that long. At such long usage hours, the ROI by converting to hockey arena LED flood light fixturesincreases. Another way to achieve a higher ROI and lower conversion costs is by using Retrofit Kits for your ice rink lights.

Outdoor LED Ice Rink Lighting

Outside, we often have two types of things to illuminate: an outdoor rink arena or the parking lot and pathway area. Either way, they often consist of the same type of fixture to achieve the best illumination possible. These outdoor ice rink lighting fixtures offer high-output light required to illuminate large areas, all while keeping energy consumption down due to using LED technology.

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