light up an indoor stadium

Razorlux manufacture a variety of stadium flood lights to suit court game courts right up to major sporting arenas substitution power imbibing incandescent lamps that perpetually would like substitution. diode structure flood lights square measure nice for installation on lighting towers and appropriate for sport, airports and ports.

Our Sports lights square measure offered in 2 sorts, customary metal salt and also the new diode vogue. These square measure ideal for sports field lighting , back yard sports courts , parks, signs, automobile parking lot lighting, and different general applications wherever sports lighting could inherit use. customary metal salt sports square measure offered in three common wattages: four hundred – a thousand – 1500 watt metal salt. 

The 1500w sports venue lighting is that the trade customary for each massive sports field, from playing area lighting, football game field lighting to athletic field lighting as well as Dixie Youth and league fields. The 400-1000 watt led stadium lighting is used for indoor sports events like basketball and smaller comes, as well as your backyardsports lighting project.

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