Light Up an Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting

A qualified should not only meet in the swimming pool to swim, but also should create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, the vision should be more pleasing, however, to achieve this effect, in addition to the design is unique, the underwater lamp is indispensable.

This article will share the design principles and installation points of underwater lighting used in a water environment such as swimming pool and water scene.

“What fantastic lighting!” isn’t always the first comment someone makes upon entering an indoor pool, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a hugely important factor. Even though lights may play only a supporting role in the overall functionality of a pool, they impact the functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal of the facility.

The indoor swimming pool lighting system is often limited by building and structure, the electrical lighting in the indoor swimming pool can only supplement of natural lighting, when the inadequacy of natural lighting and natural lighting, electric lighting for athletes, staff, referees, and audience to provide the best conditions to view. However, electric lighting cannot reduce the glare of natural light and the reflection of natural light on the water surface.

At the same time, lighting devices must adapt to environmental conditions and be easy to maintain. However, natural lighting is not allowed in formal competitions.

1) direct lighting:

High-intensity gas discharge lamp or LED lamp:

Usually adopt metal halide lamp or LED reflector, grille, or with a prism sheet, lighting approximation for point source, provide, wide beam light distribution, can strictly control and the brightness of the vertical line into more than 50 ° Angle.

The lighting device has high efficiency, the light beam Angle of the lamp is small, and the light intensity of the lamp in the light beam Angle is high, thus producing high refractive light in the water, therefore, the swimming pool has high brightness. At the same time, the light reflected by the lamp on the water surface has small area and low brightness.

Circulating fluorescent or LED strip lamps with cover:

Strip lamps should be arranged in rows and large areas of lamps should be arranged. The refractive light of this method is still very high, the reflected light affects the area greatly, but its brightness is low. The brightness is less than high-strength gas discharge lamp, light intensity of more than 50 ° Angle should be controlled.

If the luminosity of the water meets the requirement, no underwater lighting can be added. For small swimming pool, if the ceiling is low, is sometimes difficult to control the brightness of the more than 50 ° Angle, underwater lighting can be used to improve underwater viewing conditions at this time.

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