Tennis court lighting system

Construction of Stadium lighting, Razorlux company adopted strict standards, design and build lighting system, so that the whole tennis court lighting and the surrounding environment seamless, tennis court lighting lightbox with 400W led flood light, waterproof and anti-dew design, with focused reflector, aluminum anti-rust light box, 3 mm thick reinforced glass, Long service life. 

Tennis court lighting system, reduce glare, so that all the stadium lighting uniformity, color reduction up to 98%. The energy-saving requirement of the stadium lighting construction, the illumination energy-saving emphasis is to use the reasonable illumination plan and the high efficiency illumination installment, reduces the line loss and the good illumination control.

The illumination design not based on the minimum operating cost is not a reasonable design, and the initial investment and operation cost should be considered synthetically according to the specific circumstances.  Want to know more details about the tennis court lighting design? Please check out at tennis court lighting design.

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