Indoor tennis court lighting

How To Light Up An Indoor Tennis Court Lighting?

 Indoor tennis courts need artificial lighting because of the lack of sunlight. A good lighting provides an attractive environment for players. A tennis ball is very small and moves fast. Therefore it is hard to track the game. At this point, adjusting the lighting level and using contrasting colors make it easier a bit. Generally, tennis courts need 500-600 lux light level with 0.6-0.7 uniformity ratio.

As in all lighting projects, more light is not mean good lighting. Lighting fixtures should be positioned correctly; players and spectators should not be disturbed while the lighting fixtures are on. We should avoid using indoor tennis court lighting which creates glare in tennis courts. Generally, indirect lighting principle may probably overcome this problem. Here again, it is important to make sure that the reflectivity on the surfaces must be high.

It is not recommended to use the headlights in the stadium, because in this way, no matter the Angle of the headlights, athletes will be more or less affected by eye movement when playing overhead balls. It is recommended to set up the softer side lighting for the golf course on the left and right sides of the badminton song (i.e. the two sides of the longer side), and the light color should be white rather than yellow. In addition, the color of the walls and top (i.e. the position of the ceiling) is also important. It is recommended to use light blue or light green.

The tennis ball in the movement, and the ball in the ground rebound.

Avoid glare and create a good environment.

The outdoor aluminum alloy lighting system has high luminance, no glare, and comfortable color temperature. The installation position of the lamp is designed by the American manufacturer, and the lamp power is 1000W/ piece.

The system is economical in cost and easy to clean and maintain.

Indoor tennis courts can generally be in the proper position on both sides of the field arrangement straight tube fluorescent lamp or install high-intensity gas discharge lamp (e.g., floodlight), also can be installed directly above the ceiling of the indoor lamps and lanterns, if USES the ceiling lamp, this approach cloth lamp need ceiling for diffuse ceiling or grille ceiling, lamplight illuminate on the ceiling and then through the ceiling light lighting effect, the price at around $180 a.

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