stadium light fixtures

The stadium light fixtures is a functional, high-technical and difficult-to-control system; it is necessary to meet the requirements of various sports competitions to the greatest extent, which is conducive to the optimal play of the athlete’s technical level and to the referees. The judgment of the government will help the audience to integrate the game and the game in a comfortable environment and enjoy the passion of the game.

Especially in the real-time broadcast of color television during the game, we must be able to ensure clear and vivid colors of the relayed images, and close-up close-ups of the special movements of the athletes, good coverage of the audience seats and surrounding scenes and emergencies. 

The same effect, but also to meet the use of theatrical performances, exhibitions, ballads and other occasions, but also to ensure the safety of the audience during the entrance, exit, and watch.

To achieve these functions, we must first do a relatively accurate calculation of the effect of lighting, in order to maintain the lighting of the entire competition lighting, lighting quality and stability, which requires lighting vertical illumination, uniform illumination, three-dimensional, color rendering index Ra, The color temperature of the light source should reach a certain standard, understanding of the light source, the outdoor stadium lighting fixtures and how to complete various controls. The led stadium lighting fixtures should be suitable for the competition, training and other use requirements of many types of sports. 

In many cases, the venue is not only one but two or three venues at the same time; in addition, the same kind of match is played on the same venue. The lamp mode is also different at different time periods.

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