outdoor tennis court lights

Many customers came to us and asked us to provide outdoor tennis court lights. Some customers don’t really know much about the lighting and lighting of outdoor tennis courts.

First of all, we need to know the area of the tennis court and calculate the lighting, so that we can recommend which kind of lighting.

Lighting standard of outdoor tennis court lights

CIE42 recommends that the lighting value of outdoor tennis courts is 300Lux in the training mode. In game mode, the horizontal illumination is 500Lux. The indoor tennis court is 300Lux in entertainment mode. The training mode is 500Lux. Game mode is 750Lux. One of the reasons for the difference between indoor and outdoor tennis court lighting requirements is to limit the brightness contrast between the field and the surrounding environment.

Why choose professional tennis court lights?

It is recommended to use high-power tennis court lighting , such as 500W, 6 or 8 lamps to make the tennis court reach 400-450lux. Then it should be waterproof, the protection grade is IP67, the installation method is fixed lamp pole, the luminescence Angle can be adjusted, still have a long life, the LED lamps now basically have 50,000 hours.

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