badminton court lighting layout

Badminton is a sport that many people like very much. So a comfortable playing environment is also very important, which will directly affect the mood and performance of athletes. Lighting is the most important external factor that affects badminton players’ performance on the field of play: the glare or flicker of light can “blind” players’ eyes. Therefore, reasonable lighting configuration is an important factor to ensure the quality and fairness of the game.

The lighting requirements of professional badminton competition venues are quite high, except for the anti-skid ground glue and the non-indoor wind direction design of the venues, the badminton court light which is not dazzling and preventing the external light is particularly important. Every stroke of the player in the game, the effect of catching the ball will be related to the score loss, think in the game a flicker cannot see the light of the ball who can accept?

It can be seen that the professional badminton court lighting layout are very important for a professional competition. As is known to all, the color of badminton is white, and the background wall is white, which will cause athletes to not see the ball path clearly. In order to increase the color difference between the badminton and the background wall, the light and shadow effect of the lamp is used to reduce the brightness of the background wall.

Unstable lighting can lead to poor vision in athletes. The lighting stability is mainly reflected in the stroboscopic effect.

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