Indoor tennis court lighting

For over 50 years, most tennis courts around the world have been lighted with Metal Halide (MH) fixtures, yet few who use them understand their unique qualities. They may seem to last endlessly, but that’s far from the truth. Nowadays, we use led flood light in tennis court lighting. More importantly, the long reign of MH may be coming to an end in favor of new, more efficient, “green” technology.

Indoor tennis court lighting can generally be in the proper position on both sides of the field arrangement straight tube fluorescent lamp or install high-intensity gas discharge lamp (e.g., floodlight), also can be installed directly above the ceiling of the indoor lamps and lanterns, if USES the ceiling lamp, this approach cloth lamp need ceiling for diffuse ceiling or grille ceiling, lamplight illuminate on the ceiling and then through the ceiling light lighting effect, this way of lighting is not economic. 

When using the light pole arrangement for the club, outdoor venues, especially in the club and personal entertainment, because the club will hold high the tennis match, not only requires sites have good lighting, also requires a site over a certain height space have enough brightness. Therefore, the club (formal competition) single outdoor tennis court, the height of the pole to ensure that the minimum distance between the installation of the lowest lamps is 12m; (the two venues are 15m; Three venues are 18m), while a single tennis court for general entertainment has a minimum of 8m light poles. (two are 11m; Three are 14m), the lamp pole is arranged outside the sideline, each side can be equipped with 2 lamp posts, or 3 lamp posts (using floodlight). However, if there are more than one venue, do not install a light pole between the two venues. If the floodlights do not aim correctly, or if the intensity of the light is too wide, the lighting device can produce a loss of energy glare outside the venue. At this time, attention should be taken to anti-dazzle measures or to choose the appropriate beam Angle of lamps and lanterns for lighting.

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