high mast lights

Application of high mast lights:

Due to the wide range of illumination of high mast lights, it is suitable for places that require large area lighting, such as airports, parking lots, park squares, city squares, stations, terminals, freight yards, highways, stadiums, overpasses, etc.

At present, the classification and calling of high mast lights are different for different occasions. For example, the dock used, called the pier high mast lights, used in the square, called the square LED high mast lighting, named after the port LED high mast lights, airport high mast lights, explosion-proof high mast lights, stainless steel high mast lights and so on. At present, the high-lamp light-adaptive light source commonly used on the market mostly adopts 400W-1000W floodlights, and 360 degrees has no dead angle illumination range.

If the height of the high mast light is between 20m and 45m, the high mast lights is used. This effectively reduces the difficulty for workers to install. There is also a common high mast lights that does not require a lifting system and is relatively low cost.

The high mast light pole is basically divided into eight-edge, twelve-edge and eighteen-ribular tapered rods, which are cut, bent and automatically welded by high-strength high-quality steel sheets.

high mast lighting

High mast lighting lowering procedure:

(1) Open the sealing door at the bottom of the pole, turn off all air circuit breakers, and unplug the power cables of the shunt lamps.

(2) Turn off the motor switch and insert the motor power plug and controller plug into the corresponding socket.

(3) Close the triple open, click the control box button to check the relay pull-in condition, and turn on the motor switch after normal.

(4) Hold the controller 5 meters away from the outside of the rod.

(5) Click the controller up button, the motor rotates in the forward direction, so that the lamp panel is slightly lifted (the limit switch setting), so that the loop is raised to the upper part of the hook, so that the hook system is automatically unhooked. The limit switch at the bottom of the pole works, the lamp stops rising, then presses the lower button, the motor rotates in the opposite direction, the lamp plate descends, pushes the hook lever, and drives the hook to rotate 180 degrees. At this time, the lamp plate is slower than the hook. Slow down to the hook below. Note: Do not plug the lighting power supply with the motor, the bottom plate, etc.

(6) When the plug of the lighting power supply rises above the motor, the lamp panel can be lowered at a constant speed.

(7) When the high mast lighting is lowered to 2.5 meters from the ground (lower limit), close the triple open, unplug the motor and controller, and close the sealed door.

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