high bay light

The installation height and mode of the high bay light need to take into account the convenience and safety of the installation, and meet the brightness requirements of industrial lighting. Razorlux can provide free solutions for the installation height and mode of industrial lighting in industrial lighting.

At present, the main installation methods of industrial and mining lamps are: side wall type, hanging type, mobile type, and the hanging type is divided into hanging chain type, four-way water pipe type, hanging hook and other installation methods.

The installation of industrial and mining lamps is best suspended in an open position, which is conducive to heat dissipation. If there is a large dusty workshop, it is best to use dust-proof and riot-proof fin-type mining lamps to ensure good heat dissipation and facilitate the use of industrial and mining lamps. life.

LED high bay light installation height and method reference data

LED high bay light 30W Recommended installation height: 3m Installation spacing: 10-15m

LED high bay light 40W Recommended installation height: 4m Installation spacing: 15-20m

LED high bay light 45W recommended installation height: 5m installation spacing: 15-18m

LED high bay light 50W recommended installation height: 6m installation spacing: 18-22m

LED high bay light 55W recommended installation height: 7m installation spacing: 20-23m

LED high bay light 60W recommended installation height: 8m installation spacing: 23-25m

LED high bay light can be separated by 4~6 meters. If it is brighter, press 4 meters or 16 square meters. 80*100/16=500 lights. If it is not too bright, press 6 meters or 36 squares. Every time, 80*100/36=222 lights. Generally used in mines, warehouses, etc., that is, places that need to be lit for a long time and have low requirements for color rendering index.

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