table tennis lighting

How to install professional table tennis lighting?

The installation height of the lamp position should be more than 3 meters. If the illuminance of the desk surface can be more than 500lx, the higher the lamp position, the better. (Can effectively reduce the amount of glare)

For example: Table tennis venues are larger, higher, more tables, you can use Razorlux table tennis lighting adjustable beam deep lighting, this lamp does not see the light, the effect is very good, very suitable for 3 -6 meters or so arena installation, some stadium height is relatively high, such as the installation of table tennis lamps 10 meters high, you need to consider another high-efficiency lighting, after adjusting the beam, the ball table illumination can achieve a one light In case of more than 300lx.

Now table tennis lighting must choose good energy-saving lamps, so that the direct operating costs are also reduced a lot. The use of high-efficiency led flood lighting fixtures not only greatly improves the quality of table tennis lighting, but also directly saves more than 50% of the electricity, saves more than 50% of energy-saving equipment investment, longer lamp life, higher luminous efficiency, less maintenance costs, and economic operating costs Low, more economic returns with shorter payback period.

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