ping pong lighting

Table tennis, is a world popular ball sports, of course, is China’s national ball. If traced back, table tennis originated in England. Its official English name is “table Tennis”, meaning “desk tennis”. “Ping-pong” a originated in 1900, as a result of its blow issued the voice of “pings Pang” name, in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao and other regions to “table tennis” as its official title. 

However, Taiwan and Japan are called “billiard balls”, meaning ball games on the table. Now there are more people like to play table tennis, but there is no suitable venue, there is a suitable venue and there is no suitable lighting, and some lights are not comfortable, but also to make more people do not want to play, the following Ming Tai Small series for you introduce table tennis Room professional glare-proof lamps. But generally a new table tennis room, if it is a number of tables must be planned in advance! 

The lighting design of table tennis room should be based on actual requirements to calculate the actual use of how many lights, and some venues are also simply considering a table above a lamp or two lights, so theoretically it can also be the overall layout, so that the overall uniformity of lighting will also be very good!

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