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A night-time view of the 9th-hole. The night-game lighting allows for the enjoyment of golf in a special environment without the need to worry about heat or sunburn.

Originally designed for golf course, it now also acts as a practice facility for many varsity sports. As use of the space has evolved and expanded to accommodate as many as 50,000 users and visitors annually, so have its needs to replace the old golf course lighting.

LED lights have great importance in the stadium. If you want that the players concentrate on their game and audiences enjoy the game. It is only possible if you are focusing on having that perfect Sports Lighting Fixtures for your stadium. Now, how do you have the perfect light for your golf course?

Well, first of all you should go for the LED lights instead of the metal halide lights. The LED lights save at least 70% of the total energy compare to the metal halide lights, and they are brighter than those, halide lights and have longer life span as well.

Golf Course illumination

On some sites, especially new ones, lighting columns with lamps might not be permanent. In this regard, temporary stand-alone mobile lighting systems, with different capacities, can be installed. In such mobile installations high-power LED spotlights may be mounted as the main lighting source.

Mobile units can also be used as a “mock-up”, in order to precisely define the characteristics of lamps required for the placement of basic lighting poles. In Razorlux we can assist with the mathematical calculations and designs, and all the lighting equipment suggested for gold courses is selected on the basis of these calculations. Preliminary studies and measurements of light, will accurately determine the necessary lighting solutions, and the unique configuration of LED lighting selection for the golf site. This approach with high technical simulations is provided only by a narrow number of lighting companies. Our lighting company is especially engaged in the design of this type sports facilities.

golf course lights

How to light a golf course?

There are wide ranges of selection of LED flood lights, and how can I select the right one for my field? Firstly, we need to understand the lighting standard of your golf course. If it is for recreational purpose, around 200 to 300 lux would be appropriate. However, if the course if for world tournaments, and professional use, we will need the LED golf course light that provided about 800 to 1000 lux, which is very bright.

Having 10 years of sport lighting experience, our LED flood lights for golf course are very long lasting that can operate for 80,000 hours. You will only feel small amount of brightness decline after 20 years use. As for the safety issue, such as lightning in golf course, our golf course lights have lightning-protection unit. If unfortunately it happens, the lightning will not affect the function of the LED lights.

Choose LED lights for the golf course

If you are planning to have LED lights at the golf course then you could actually go for the LED lights. Golf Course Lights includes both the indoor and the outdoor lights. The golf lights actually help the players to play the game properly and at the same time, it helps the audience to have a proper view of the whole game. In this case also you could go for the LED lights, not only because of the above mentioned features but also because of the below mentioned features as well:

If you choose the best company Sports Lighting Fixtures then the high end optic lens of these lights helps you to have the best throw of the light and at the same time, the lumen waste amount is also decreased.

If you want to save money for your Golf Course Lights then choosing the best quality LED light is important because the best LED lights could actually help in cost savings, especially, if you buy the best quality products from the best manufacturers then a 600 Watt LED light could easily replace the 2000 Watt LED light.

 The Stadium wanted to replace its legacy high-intensity discharge lamps with a modern lighting system that would increase the foot-candles (fc) throughout the 80,000-square-foot space while reducing maintenance needs and costs. Previously, bulbs were replaced each year, and ballasts frequently failed.

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