replace fluorescent light fixture with led

The circuit structure of the LED tube light requires rewiring the fixture in a practice to replace the fluorescent, which will be very expensive. Very luckily, although the LED light does not need the ballast, it is compatible with the inductive ballast. To follow the safety requirement, almost all ETL approved LED tube products are made the input at the two pins on one end-cap, just like the OvalTube do. By adding a correct LED shorter, these ETL approved tubes can replace the fluorescent tubes in inductive-ballast-based fixtures without rewiring.

In the following sections, an instruction will be introduced to replace a fluorescent tube with an ETL approved LED tube light in an inductive-ballast-based fixture.

1. Master the specifications of the power, color temperature, luminous flux, installation height, replacement quantity, use place, and the lamp of traditional fluorescent lamps;

2. Understand the parameters of the LED lamp in the market;

3, indoor furniture lighting recommended conventional LED tube, corridor, garage and other areas of the 24-hour lamp recommended to use infrared sensor smart LED tube;

4. After determining the specifications and related parameters of the replacement lamp, select the matching LED tube;

5. When installing, remove the original starter and ballast;

6, emergency LED tube generally has positive and negative;

7, A large number of projects must go to the LED manufacturers to investigate, the main reasons: First, the LED industry is hot, a lot of small processing plants, although the price is low but the quality is poor, after-sales service is behind; Second, to prevent traders to change hands, increase costs; Understand the size and reliability of the company and avoid being deceived;

8. Understand the background of the company, the most direct is to check the business license, tax registration certificate, etc.; there are registered capital

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