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With more than 83,000 streetlights, some repairs take longer than others. Repairs depend on the weather and parts needed.

Report a Street Light Outage

Enter the address of the outage location in the search bar or find the outage location by zooming in on the map.

1.Click the point on the map where the pole you wish to report is located.

2.Click “Report this Light” and complete the fields.

3.Click “Continue” to submit this outage.

4.Enter your contact information.

5.Click “Report.”

street lights

When reporting, you will be asked to provide:

A pole number for the non-functioning lights you want to report

Contact information (in case more information is needed to locate a street light)

An e-mail address (if you want feedback regarding your repair request)

The number of street lights you would like to report

If you are reporting a hazardous condition (other than a malfunctioning light) DO NOT use this form. Please call 1-800-4OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243) to report the condition.

Before completing this form, please consider the following:

1. FPL does not own or maintain streetlights on aluminum poles located on major highways, like I-95 or the Florida Turnpike.

2. Lights in beachfront communities are turned off to protect sea turtles during their nesting and hatching season.

To report a streetlight that’s out or malfunctioning, complete the form below (*Required).

Identifying light owner

Outdoor lights are owned and maintained by municipalities, property owners and utilities. Before making a report to us, attempt to confirm whether we are the responsible party. Our light poles have a numbered metal tag If a tag is damaged or missing, report the pole’s location to us. If the pole is located in the city of Milwaukee, the streetlights or alley lights are likely owned by the city (call 414-286-2489 to report it).

Lights attached to buildings, lights on square poles and lights hanging directly from wires without brackets typically are owned by municipalities, private business or other private parties. We do not service these lights. Contact the municipality or business where the lights are located.

Who maintains street lights?

We are responsible for providing maintenance services for public street lights, however we do not have the authority to determine new lighting requirements. This is the responsibility of your local council, or VicRoads for defined arterial roads.

In order to assist us in maintaining the streetlights in our network, we ask that you report any faulty lighting by submitting the form below.  If you have previously reported a street light fault and it has not been fixed after seven business days, you can escalate the matter to us by email by clicking here.

For more details, contact us at email:info@razorlux.com.

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