led parking lot lights retrofit

What are the requirement of led parking lot light

  • Renovation of led parking lot lights retrofit, LED lamp replacement, reduce electricity costs; Renovation of the car park lighting control, according to the need to reasonably arrange the light intensity, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of electricity again. Lighting energy-saving renovation principle:
  •  Respect the original lighting design, to ensure that the original illumination, color-rendering >80;
  • To ensure the lighting effect on the basis of effective reduction of power consumption, to achieve energy saving;
  • Green Lighting products, no toxic substances, energy saving and environmental protection. Lighting energy-saving renovation goal:
  •  To reduce power consumption effectively on the basis of guaranteeing illumination effect, realize energy saving of lamps and lanterns 50%;
  • Transform the lighting control system, control the number of led parking lot light fixtures in the leisure, realize the overall energy-saving 70%; The use of Long-life light source 50,000 hours, significantly reduce maintenance costs.

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