LED Light Source

When the LED light source is not evenly distributed or the light is too strong, how to solve it? About this problem, tell everybody to encounter a few case recently first.

Case 1: recently, there is often a customer inquiry that the LED panel light line in the home or office is too strong, and what can be done to soften the light and make the light less dazzling? Most of those who raise this part of the problem are individual users. One client with a very deep memory, she works in a beauty salon.

She said that the light line in the store was too strong. When the client lay down for a beauty treatment, the light was harsh and the light was not good for the client.

Case 2: many engineers will come to inquire, saying that the old LED panel light source of their own factory is not evenly distributed, and there are all kinds of products, such as smart lock, oven, panel light, all kinds of LED lamps, light box, LED display and so on.

How to solve these problems?

This will have to mention we do a product, it is the LED diffusion film, diffusion film is mainly refers to the application in the LCD module backlight source of light through the spread of the PET as base material layer, with the refractive index through the medium of different, to make many refraction, reflection and scattering of light, can be modified by light into uniform plane light source of optical diffusion effect.

In the back light source structure, it mainly plays the role of correcting the diffusion Angle, which will increase the radiation area, but reduce the light intensity per unit area, that is, reduce the brightness.

After diffusing the diffused material, the luminescent light source can become a secondary light source with larger area, better uniformity and stable color. It has the function of diffusing light, that is, light will be scattered on its surface and spread out gently and evenly. The basic structure of most diffusion films is to coat the optical astigmatic particles on transparent substrates such as PET on both sides.

Diffuse film cent is smooth face and mist face, also have double-sided mist face, smooth face is to enter illuminant, mist face is diffused face, can achieve atomization effect, make radial distribution even, of course mist is taller, average smooth effect will be a few better.

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