LED street lamp

I know the street lights around us have a sensor on the top. If you would happen to have a laser pointer you can aim it at the sensor let it rip for a few seconds. It should shut the light down for a few minutes.

Sick of that street light coming in your window when you're trying to sleep? Here's the way to turn it off and finally go to sleep or get back to what you were doing.

1. Grab a laser pointer or other very bright hand held light.

2. Locate the photocell at or near the top of the street light . It will look like a small cylinder.

3. Direct your light source at the photocell and wait a few seconds. You may need to do this from multiple angles to achieve your goal.

4. Your street light should now be turned off for 7 to 10 minutes.

5. If you find that the light has turned back on, simply start again at step two.

LED street light
LED street light

Sweep all around the top of the light until you find it. Different models have them in different places. From my experience, they are usually very close to the top. This particular streetlight is about 50 yards from my house. You’ll find that it’s not easy to hold a laser pointer steady at that distance. The picture here shows my neighbor’s light in the day and the method that I use to find my target.

It doesn’t work with every model of street light. Theoretically they should all have a photocell that can be overloaded, but you may not be able to reach it with your laser pointer from your angle. For some, it just may not work at all.

Be prepared to make someone mad. My neighbor knows that I will periodically do this, and he’s fine with it. I even showed him how to do it himself so he could turn it off too. He doesn’t like it all the time either.

Beware of aircraft. According to Clayton Cramer’s calculations the stories we heard about a year or so ago can’t be done by a regular person with a regular laser pointer by accident. However, don’t say you weren’t warned.

It’s a laser! Just be careful! If you make someone go blind while you’re playing around, or othewise cause any harm to come to someone, you’re on your own.

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