The indoor basketball court usually uses the metal halide lamp more, in response to the national establishment of energy-saving and emission reduction society requirements, basketball court lighting began to enter the sight of people quickly.

LED as energy-saving lighting equipment, long life, high efficiency, 150W LED lights can reach 400W metal halide lamp brightness, Now most of the arena is already using LED lights, indoor basketball court generally installed 20 lights more, 4×5 distribution, installation height of not less than 8 meters, can meet the training and amateur competition requirements.

Indoor basketball court Lighting general set how many general use what lights general conditions permitted schools are equipped with indoor basketball courts and outdoor basketball courts, in contrast to outdoor basketball court, indoor basketball court has two major convenience, on the one hand is not affected by the weather, rainy day can still be carried out, It’s not going to be postponed or canceled as an outdoor basketball court for various weather reasons, on the other hand, indoor basketball court can arrange more viewers, and outdoor basketball court is generally surrounded by a direct fence network, so the general large or need to record the game in the indoor basketball court. Lighting is a very important indoor basketball court facilities, indoor basketball court.

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