indoor basketball court lighting

Location: Palais Des Sports,France

Zhihai Genius™ LED light is good in outdoor sport field, and as good as used indoor or stadium.

They would bring the games to a new level of lighting performance. 400w led flood light is perfect for this indoor basketball court lighting projects.

Items: Zhihai 400W Genius LED Flood Light, ZHGL-400P

Stadium with low lights on both sides, according to the road. On each side of the 3, higher than 5 meters, the distance should not be too far, about 4 meters a. Do not leave the lamp too close to the projection area, otherwise it may be as if the pitcher was stabbed into the eye by the light.

Outdoor lighting layout according to the site environment, the best layout in the basketball court four corners, height greater than 4 meters above, light irradiation without dead ends. Lamp as low as possible, can not pierce the eyes when shooting.

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