indoor sports venues lighting

Badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, and other indoor sports venues lighting, stadium lighting Once there is a glare hazard. It will produce glare hazards at various positions and angles of the sports court. 

The athlete only sees a light screen with a strong stimulation, and cannot see the flying sphere. In visual perception system, it produces dazzling, dazzling, dazzling, blinding effects. Light produces visual fatigue, restlessness and agitation. The glare hazard of indoor sports venues illumination is the glare energy of the stadium luminaire which is produced by human eyes. In the visible spectrum band, the shorter the wavelength of the stadium lights, the greater the glare energy, the more serious glare damage. 

The spectrum of indoor led stadium lighting is visualized as the color of light, that is, the temperature of the stadium light. Already have a number of badminton venues lighting experience shows that the stadium light color temperature higher than the sun’s color temperature, there will be more intense glare hazard effect. Some sports stadium lighting, its technical data indicate the color temperature is not very high, but in indoor sports venues lighting glare hazard effect is very serious. 

This is because the sports stadium light Energy, contains near ultraviolet light. Near ultraviolet light Energy’s glare harm is very serious, its dazzling, dazzling, dazzling, dazzling harm effect is very remarkable. 

Indoor sports venues Lighting practice shows: Many sports venues are using metal halide lamps, row lights, ordinary high-power energy-saving lamps, electrodeless lamps and other stadium lamps, there are different degrees of glare hazards. LED high-power energy-saving lamps in badminton, table tennis and other sports venues lighting glare damage is particularly significant. Glare harm to indoor sports venues operating efficiency, resulting in negative benefits can not be ignored. There are already many sports venues operators, the selection of sports venues without glare hazard lighting special stadium lights, replacement, improve the quality of the venue lighting.

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