Indoor sports venue lighting

Indoor sports venue lighting design is characterized by high lighting space, generally for 13-20m, and there are also a few small gymnasiums with a lower height of 6-12 meters. The choice of lighting fixtures requires high efficiency lamps and good light distribution characteristics.

Lighting arrangements can usually be used in the following three ways:

1. The lamps are evenly arranged over the field. This arrangement is more economical and suitable for low-spatial sports. Usually the vertical illuminance is relatively low, the stereoscopic feeling is poor, and the shadow is stiffer.

2. The luminaires are combined over the field and side layouts. This arrangement is generally applicable to multi-purpose gymnasiums, where horizontal and vertical illuminances can be obtained in appropriate ratios.

3. The lamps and lanterns are mainly distributed over the field, mainly based on photometry. This arrangement is suitable for higher space projects, but pay attention to the uniform illumination and glare control of the site.

In addition, glare should be reduced as far as possible from the position of the led flood lighting fixture, installation height, projection angle, irradiation direction, lighting distribution, etc. The glare index should meet relevant requirements.

 At the same time, in order to prevent stroboscopic effects due to AC power supply, the lamps should be uniformly powered by three phases, and the number of lamps in each phase should be equal. The phase lamps are arranged adjacent to each other so that the three-phase lighting overlaps the lighting on the site, so that the continuity of the light flux can be improved and the stroboscopic effect can be effectively suppressed.

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