indoor sports venues lighting

 Indoor badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports venues lighting, should be the pursuit of economic and technical objectives, with the most reasonable investment in the stadium lighting and the minimum operating costs, to achieve the brightest, clear, real, comfortable lighting quality. 

(1) The most reasonable investment of stadium lighting and lanterns investment is reflected in the highest performance price ratio, that is, a sports venues to achieve the lighting design quality objectives, the total number of lights, the total power consumption, the failure rate of stadium lamps, Kai FAI lighting life, lighting quality and other factors and stadium lighting investment in the comprehensive comparison. 

Currently can be used for indoor sports venues to illuminate the stadium lighting there are many, on the seven continents 88w-120w led stadium lights, 160w-320w led stadium lights and so on, its price, technical performance, venues with the number of lights, lighting effects have a great advantage. In the lighting field are more advanced. How to choose the investors, their judgments should not be judged by right and wrong, only to say that the degree of choice of scientific rationality is different. Of course, through careful choice to achieve the highest investment in the led stadium lighting performance price ratio, to the most reasonable scientific investment to achieve the highest lighting effect of stadiums, is a lot of high-end indoor sports venues lighting practical measures.

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