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180W Industrial LED Light Fixtures

Fortunately, there has never been a better time to look for new energy efficient lighting solutions. Industrial LED light fixtures are changing the landscape and are available in all of the most commonly used fixtures in commercial buildings.

Description of Industrial LED Light Fixtures:

Need exceptional exterior lighting that is rugged, bright, focused, and built to make your workplace safer and save you money?  Take a look at this comparison photo of 180W industrial LED light fixtures versus a traditional 400-watt HID fixture.  

Now, just imagine how much the owner will save with the complete installation.  Better yet, think how much safer this work area will be.  You can't put a price on safety.  Trust the power of Razorlux 180w industrial led light fixtures.

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Features & Characteristic of Industrial LED Light Fixtures:       

  • Patent design, ideal for different applications, such as warehouse,factory,shopping mall.
  • Imports of LED chips, LED lighting, low light failure, long life, reject dead lights, strobe and other defects, lasting dark, the focus of sleep, uniform light, soft light.
  • Featured with Osram/Cree LED chips, 120 lm/w system efficiency
  • 80% lumen maintenance over 50,000hours
  • New scale radiator, increase the heat dissipation area, each blade is equipped with vent hole, relative to the traditional radiator, cooling function more powerful, and more lightweight.
  • Universal input without additional adapter, 80-315Vac, 80-400Vdc
  • Instant start and flicker free, when you start the led high bay light,it will be light very quickly.
  • High-quality basketry iron aluminum production of integrated radiator industrial-grade cooling technology, designed to facilitate the air convection cooling effect is good, can guarantee the driving and light life.

Parameter Table of Industrial LED Light Fixtures:     

Model of industrial led light fixturesZHHB-180A
Power ConsumptionLEDs18W
Initial Lumen Lamp(6000K)19800Im
Replace HID Lamp400-600W
DimensionLamp Body: 263*263*155mm / Lamp Shade:400mm
Net Weight8Kg(17.61lbs)
Color Temperature2000K-6000K
Color RenderingRa80
Working Life50000Hrs
Housiong MaterialAluminum
Insulation ClassClass I (Upgradeable to Class II)
Working Temperature-40C ~ 60C / -40F ~ 140F
Working Humidity10% ~ 95%
AC Input80 ~ 315Vac, (347Vac available on request)
DC Input80 ~ 400Vdc, (12Vdc, 24Vdc and other input available on request)
Power Factor0.98
WarrantyLED Module5 year
Driver5 year
Housing10 year

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