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2017 global environment constraints, pass 20% LED business departure

In fact, looking at the situation of the global economy in 2017, we can find that the whole of last year was still in the deep adjustment period after the international financial crisis with limited growth momentum.

In China, the transition from traditional lighting to 150w ufo high bay in recent years has shown explosive growth in the market, attracting a lot of capital in society, followed by the emergence of new manufacturers. However, for the first time in the past year, the growth rate of the industry showed a significant slowdown for the first time.


During the year, the demand for traditional lighting products market continued to decline rapidly. After the development of LED lighting in recent years, the pace of development slowed down. At the same time, the homogenization of industry products and the price competition intensified further.

In fact, due to the fluctuation of exchange rate in the international market, the growth rate of China’s miner’s lamp manufacturers’ exports slowed down by the end of 2014. In 2017, the demand for wholesale 100w ufo bay fixturesin China was sluggish due to the low global economic sentiment. However, Months of demand have risen, international business product prices have more than 20% decline.


Some LED industry research institutes have said that due to the double impact of the slowdown in demand and intensified competition, it is estimated that over 20% of the total will have a total of about 5,000 LED-related enterprises exiting the market. Real Data Although the industry is doubtful, we can recall that due to fierce competition such as price war and product homogeneity, we can see that a large number of small and medium-sized LED enterprises have been withdrawn in succession in 2017, leading some bankrupt enterprises to sell their inventories at a low price. The impact of the market, and the formation of a vicious circle.

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