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How to choose led basketball court lighting?
Dec 27, 2017

Every time I see the spacious and bright basketball court, I can not help but focus on the stadium lights. Perhaps this is because our company is specializing in the production of wholesale led basketball court. If a stadium light does not reach the lighting requirements, then it will certainly affect the level of athletes playing on the pitch. 

LED basketball court lighting.jpg

According to the size of the site, it is very important to choose the right light for your basketball court. At present, we have also designed many basketball courts, football fields, table tennis field projects. For every customer who comes to buy the lamp, we will treat it very seriously. At the beginning, when the customer asks us to buy the lamp, we will according to the customer's request, then the designer designs the project effect chart which satisfies the customer.

The next job requires our factory workers to carefully create high-quality led basketball court lighting. If you have such a project around, you will need high-power LED lights, then please ask us for advice.