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LED Stadium lighting
Feb 24, 2017

Stadium lighting

There are a lot of projects about stadium lighting. It can brighten the whole large area of stadium and even can be a sample to the audience when people see the match. The importance of the lighting is obvious, so it is the quality and durance. For a long period, large metal based lights around the stadium fulfilled the surroundings, but that take a lot of power consumption and much cost for maintainance, now many of them have been replaced by led lights. The most cheaper and durable characteristics of them make the led lights be the perfect replacement of the traditional light source. Zhihai lighting have made several high power stadium lighting projects which are suitable for all the size and actual usage.

Football field lighting

Many young and middle aged American people like football match, so do I. When I sit at the match chair in the sports meeting center or watch the TV program at home with my family, I feel excited and the football field lighting makes all this excitement last longer. I dear not imagine if the football filed lights turns down immediately, what will happen. The same thing would be one or more lighting down will not be accepted either. Led lighting can solve this problem now. It is known as green lighting, energy saving and long time lasting.