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Low-Quality LED Mining Light Is Harmful To People
Dec 26, 2017

At this year's 315 party, the General Assembly will be inferior LED lights stroboscopic problem in front of the audience. If the long-term use of poor quality LED lights, will cause damage to the eyes of the user, the current LED lighting market brand is very large, well-known big-name has Philips, NVC. Mulinsen.Low-quality Led Mining Light hazard large selection of high-quality LED lights more secure. And as consumers of us, how to identify the pros and cons of LED lamps and lanterns?

1000w LED Flood Light .jpg

Through the mobile phone camera can directly detect the LED lights strobe, poor quality led lantern show obvious water ripple. LED lamp This product, originally belong to personalized customized products, if it is conventional inventory, not necessarily meet the requirements of the use of on-site environment, we recommend that users in the purchase of products set aside 5-10 days of production cycle, this can give the manufacturer to the product testing time, to ensure the production of qualified LED factory lamp products. Xian Zhihai wholesale Led Mining Light after the scene aging 24 hours before shipment can be shipped.