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The important application of LED tunnel lights
Jan 23, 2018

The main purpose of a general tunnel is to prevent accidents by providing maximum visibility of the objects on the tunnel surface and to enhance safety and comfort for pilots passing or entering the tunnel.

CIE 88 - Guide to Illumination in Road Tunnels and Underpassing provides a guideline for 400w led tunnel lighting and is the basis of many national regulations. It divides the tunnel into different zones according to the specific requirements of each.

First of all, the entrance section needs a very high brightness value so that the driver's eyes can adapt to the darker lighting conditions in the tunnel. The length of the entry section is determined by the maximum speed in the tunnel, as the higher speed limit requires longer entry sections.

LED Airport Lighting.jpg

Second, during the transitional period, the brightness on the pavement slowly decreases until the level of illumination in the interior of the tunnel is reached, providing a smooth adaptation from the entrance to the middle section. In the first half of the entrance section, the maintenance factor is taken as 0.67, the illumination is about 150-300 cd / m2, and the internal area is usually limited to 2-6 cd / m2.

The currently accepted quality parameters for road led tunnel lighting include: uniformity of the overall and longitudinal road surface illumination (ideally no flicker), tunnel wall lighting, glare avoidance and color temperature and color rendering index. In recent years, semiconductor technology has gradually replaced traditional tunnel sodium lamps. Many national standards update the requirements of the above parameters.