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The main effect of lighting quality of indoor sports venues
Feb 08, 2018

Indoor Badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports venues lighting, it should reach a number of lighting effects indicators. However, from practical exercise practical point of view, for the folk fitness exercise leisure function Indoor sports venues, lighting quality level is also not suitable to adopt a knife-cutting type of hard indicators. 

Can be based on investment status, playing sports personnel, such as the level of technical and economic factors, in a reasonable range of investment operators to determine. Satisfied with the use is practical, practical is good. Many indoor badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis venues lighting case shows. Civil Fitness function Indoor sports stadium lighting, can grasp the following five aspects of the lighting quality, its venue lighting effect can reach a higher level, can meet the requirements of playing exercise. 

sport venue lighting.jpg

Indoor civil fitness recreational function of sports venues lighting design, should be from six aspects to grasp the lighting effect and quality of stadium lighting. 

1, indoor sports lighting lamps without glare hazards. 

2, indoor sports venues lighting without stroboscopic effect harm. 

3, indoor Stadium lighting should be a high color performance.

4, indoor venues lighting should be too bright color.

5, indoor sports venues lighting should save energy.

6, indoor sports venues lighting should be specific high visual three-dimensional. For badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other civil fitness functions of indoor sports venues for investment Management reference. Now the venue lighting should have six aspects of the lighting effect quality, give a brief analysis.