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Why the led flood light can be used widely in life?
Jan 05, 2018

LED outdoor flood light is one of the LED lights, it is widely used for the following reasons: 

1, irradiation distance of up to 200m; 

2, led directly with the shell close to the surface, through the shell heat radiating wings and air convection heat, can effectively heat and ensure the light source life. 5mm high-strength tempered glass and lamp body of the perfect combination, so that lamps can be used in a high humidity environment, 

1000W LED Sports Field Area Floodlight.jpg

3, lamp body using anti-aging silicone rubber seal belt. The surface of the anode oxidation and spray treatment, the overall lighting conforms to IP65 standards, 

4, the use of high-purity German imports of aluminum reflector, effectively improve the reflectivity, and ensure the output of luminous flux. The LED emitted by the light control in the need to improve the outdoor led flood lights effect uniformity and light energy utilization. Highlights the obvious energy-saving advantages of LED lamps, 

5, start without delay, power can reach the normal brightness, without waiting, the number of switches can be more than million; 

6, safe, fast, flexible, any angle adjustable. Strong versatility, wide range of applications,

 7, Green pollution-free: Cold light source design, no heat radiation, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, to achieve a true sense of green environmental protection and energy-saving lighting;