street lighting

LED lights have become very common in our daily life. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LED lights are more energy saving, environmental friendly and cheap. 

This is our general impression of traditional LED lamps, but many people may not know that LED lamps also have extremely high seismic performance, which means that LED lamps can be widely used in the outdoor, such as daily tent lamps, fishing lamps, and outdoor street lamps. The popularity of LED lamps can bring many benefits to street lamps. Some LED street lamp manufacturers have recognized this market and started to produce LED street lamps.

First, LED lighting can be combined with solar energy. Given that leds use very little power (one-tenth as much as incandescent bulbs and a quarter as much as CFLS), a typical solar panel can store enough energy to power a street lamp for an entire night. In some remote and underdeveloped areas, the installation of LED street lights will not only beautify the municipal construction, but also save resources, and will not cause any burden on the power institutions and municipal finance.

Secondly, LED lamps are earthquake-resistant and lightning-resistant. They are encapsulated with epoxy resin and have no filament or glass shell, so there is no problem of cracking and they do not pose any danger to pedestrians under the light.

In addition, through technological innovation, many LED street lamp manufacturers have been able to make a variety of shapes, including courtyard lights, Chinese lights, lawn lights and so on. Because LED lights are small in size and can be combined flexibly, they can meet the requirements of manufacturers for lamps of various shapes.

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