install LED street lamps

To lead the villagers to get rid of poverty and prosperity is their first appointment as the chief secretary of the first post of Liangzhuang Zhuangzi in the sunshine. As a result, they ran in multiple directions and helped the villagers to install LED street lamps and build ecological villages.

The village of street lamps for a long time disrepair can not be used, the villagers dance at night square dance can only squeeze the village compound, point a small lamp lighting, and now install LED lights, but also energy-saving and bright, the villagers will be able to Dancing. “Village branch secretary Wu Zhen said. Ever since he arrived in the village, he has invested over 60,000 yuan to install 40 led street lights in the village and installed video surveillance at the main streets and junctions. In addition, the municipal office also provides the village The Committee provided office furniture such as desks and chairs, computers and more than 800 books for rural bookstores. Water source transformation, dredging and smelting, landscaping, construction of the stone bridge and other projects, White Man Ren also ran for this multi-party, now for 300000 yuan of funds, to build an ecological village in an all-round way, to achieve a virtuous circle of development.

Nowadays, there are not still many street lights in rural areas. I really hope that every village and every road will be fitted with LED lights to make people’s lives brighter and safer.

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