1000w LED flood light

Like anything, floodlighting systems require maintenance to make sure that they are running at the optimum level.

During the life of a floodlighting installation particles of dirt will settle on the floodlight front glass. Metal halide lamps operate at extremely high temperatures and if the glass is not cleaned regularly (annually) these dirt particles will get baked onto the glass and effect the distribution of light onto the pitch surface.

When the led modules are broken, please change it as the following steps:

1.If the two led modules are both broken, it would change both of them. If the only one led module is broken, it would be OK to change the only one. Use screwdriver loose the connection lines (Chart 1), and separate from the fast connectors. Which module is broken, and demount the corresponding connection line.

2. Please use allen wrench loose the 8pcs screws(Chart 2) of the modules, and separate the modules and housing fully. Please paint the silicone on the back of the new modules, keep the modules and the housing fully touched. Second, use allen wrench tighten the 8pcs screws of modules, and make the new connection lines connected with the fast connectors.

3.Finally, ensure the connection lines make full access to the screws of the fast connectors, and also must tighten the screws of the fast connectors. 

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