400W outdoor LED flood lights

In the design and construction of nightscape lighting, Zhongqing Jiangjin District takes “the light of function, the light of science and technology, the light of characteristics, the light of quality, the light of ecological livable industry, the light of tourism and leisure” as the theme of urban night scene, to create a new city night light environment. In the construction process, the nightscape lighting scheme chooses different light sources and lamps according to different lots and different environments, for example, in the residential area of the main use of ordinary light lighting, commercial areas of the use of adjustable angle of the buried lamp or with glare-proof device cheap 120w led floodlight, in order to achieve the perfect commercial lighting effect, to achieve a “bright spot, Highlight Features. ”

Night lighting Project Both “high value”, but also to save energy and environmental protection. Chongqing Jiangjin District in accordance with the requirements of eco-environmental protection, in the planning and layout, scientific determination of the China brightest led flood light point, to do the bright, bright, should not be bright or optional resolute not bright, from the source of energy-saving emission reduction.

Chongqing Jiangjin Area All lighting equipment are using advanced LED energy-saving light source and high-quality electrical accessories, small size, low power consumption, high brightness, low heat, greatly reducing the cost of energy. Among them, building lighting for fixed night lighting, full consideration of energy saving, environmental protection and other factors, peacetime, general holidays, major holidays show different lighting effects, to provide high-quality night scene for the public, in every Fridays, 20 o’clock in the evening to 22 o’clock “light” in Tianjin. This year, Zhongqing Jiangjin District will start a few River Peninsula urban building lighting project, planned in Germany Sense Street, Riverside New Town to add high-power linear LED wall-washer lights, 400w led flood light suppliers, narrow-angle projection lights and other building landscape lighting.

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