LED street light

At present, LED lighting is used in many urban roads in China. LED light sources have high luminous efficacy, low power consumption, long life, good stability, and strong reliability. These LED street light bring bright lighting to people. Seeing more clearly, the application rate of LED light sources in road lighting has increased year by year, and the intelligent dimming system has accelerated this process.

    In the current domestic road lighting, traditional high-pressure sodium lamps are still used. This kind of lamp has a great decline, and it will drop to 30% in a year or so. The lighting quality is very unstable, and the color rendering is relatively low, generally at 25 Around, LED street lights mostly hit 70 or more. At present, many developed countries are promoting lighting upgrade projects and replacing traditional street lamps with LED lighting, not only because LED light sources can perform energy-efficient lighting, but also their smart dimming systems.

In the middle of the night, there is very few traffic flows on many road sections, but since the traditional street light management cannot adjust the lights, all the lights are always kept in a bright state, which results in the waste of power resources. Based on this, the intelligent dimming system can Let the manager work more efficiently, the LED street light fixtures realizes “secondary energy saving”, and through adjusting the light, it realizes remote multi-point and timing control of the street lamp.

Intelligent dimming system is characterized by “on-demand lighting”, such as in the city during the peak hours of 18-21, people have to go home, the traffic is very large, this time you need adequate lighting; and after 22 o’clock Basically, there are not many cars on the road, and there are very few pedestrians. Lights can automatically reduce energy consumption by 20%. After reaching zero points, fewer vehicles and pedestrians will be able to reduce the energy consumption of light sources by 30% and protect the basic lighting needs. can.

    LED lamps designed and manufactured by Xi’an Zhihai have the superior performance such as high luminous efficiency, low light attenuation, and low power consumption. They are popular in the street lamp market and are also equipped with a self-developed background control system to assist the intelligent dimming setting of the front-end street light system. To achieve secondary energy conservation, the overall energy consumption is more than 60% lower than traditional street lamps.

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