outdoor basketball court led lighting

The LED lighting on basketball courts will be uniform and in a way that does not hinder the vision of the players, the referee team or the spectators.

Led stadium lighting luminaires should not be placed in the roof part corresponding to a circle of 4 meters around the basket to avoid glare. It will comply with the standard UNE-EN 12193 Lighting of sports facilities.

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IP Ratings for Outdoor Basketball Court LED Lighting Solutions

For any lighting project, it is important to consider the setting in which the fixtures will be placed. Indoor fixtures may be exposed to dust; outdoor fixtures will be exposed to both dust and water.

Rain, humidity, sleet, and snow can be detrimental to outdoor basketball court LED lighting not built to withstand the elements. One of the specifications of the APTA 166-watt units we used is their Ingress Protection (or IP) rating of IP65—it is crucial to look at this rating when illuminating outdoor spaces like an outdoor basketball court.

What is IP rating?

IP ratings come in two-digit codes. The first digit ranges from zero to six and represents the protection level against solids, including dust. The “6” in the APTA’s IP65 rating signifies that the fixture is dust-tight and will allow no ingress of dust. The second digit, which ranges from zero to eight, represents the protection against water ingress.


The “5” in the APTA’s IP65 rating it is completely watertight against everything up to water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction. This is more than enough protection for safety in any weather and means the fixtures can even be sprayed down with a hose for cleaning.

For more information in IP ratings, read our full report here or contact us at email: info@razorlux.com.

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